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Marc Benioff and Bill Gates Are Feuding About Trees

Trees are wonderful, but Gates is probably right.

A seagull attack.

A British Man Is Living Out the Plot of ‘The Birds’

“I was simply not prepared for the serious impact that these creatures have upon me.”

The Blue Ridge Mountains.

September’s Unprecedented Heat

Will September be the most abnormally hot month ever?

Apple picking.

An Apple Drought in Virginia

A drought has hit the state’s mountainous west, putting orchards in jeopardy.

Natural gas pipelines.

Europe Will Be Stuck With American Natural Gas For Decades

The European Commission’s director general for energy lets the cat out of the bag.

A wind turbine.

What If Offshore Wind Is Doomed?

Does America actually need the renewable energy source to hit its decarbonization goals by 2030?

A man with solar panels for a head.

Here Come the Armchair Energy Traders

Got a solar panel? Time for a little energy arbitrage.