Supreme Court justices.

Justice Kavanaugh, Environmental Swing Vote

Why Thursday’s opinion on the Clean Water Act was not entirely out of character for the justice


Ron DeSantis’ Environmental Switcheroo

The Florida governor once presented himself like an environmental moderate. Not anymore.

A handshake and the Colorado River.

The New Colorado River Proposal Buys Valuable Time

An interview with Dave White, a water expert at Arizona State University, about what a breakthrough along the Colorado River really means


The Supreme Court Is Living Rent-Free in the EPA’s Head

A desire to please the Court may have rendered the EPA’s new power plant rule a little too ineffectual.

John Roberts.
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If nothing else, give the Environmental Protection Agency credit for this: They seem to understand the assignment.

Last year, the Supreme Court struck down the Clean Power Plan, President Barack Obama’s ambitious attempt to restrict carbon pollution from power plants. That proposal never carried the force of law, and it had been held in suspended animation by the Court — and later the Trump administration — since 2016. But after President Joe Biden took office, Chief Justice John Roberts and the Court’s conservative majority revived it seemingly entirely for the sake of deeming it illegal.

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The Big Problem With the EPA’s New Rules

They fall short of President Biden’s power plant goals — and he’s running out of time and tools.

A natural-gas plant.
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As you may have heard, the Biden administration on Thursday proposed regulating greenhouse-gas emissions from new and existing power plants.

The rule is a landmark. If implemented successfully, it would mark the first time that the United States has regulated emissions from existing power plants, one of the largest sources of carbon pollution in the economy.

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