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The Contradictions of Trump 2.0

What kind of climate policy will we get this time?


The Us vs. Them of Energy

You can turn even the wonkiest policy into a culture war issue if you try hard enough.


AM Briefing: A Quick RNC Energy Recap

On Doug Burgum’s speech, green steel, and electric jets

Vineyard Wind Is Having Turbine Troubles

AM Briefing: Turbine Troubles

On broken blades, COP29, and the falling price of used electric vehicles

J.D. Vance.

Wind Is More Powerful Than J. D. Vance Seems to Think

Just one turbine can charge hundreds of cell phones.


Republicans Have No New Ideas About Energy

On night one of the convention, the GOP presented a platform that repackages Biden-era achievements with an all-caps flourish.

Donald Trump and J.D. Vance.
<p>Heatmap Illustration/Getty Images</p>

National political conventions don’t make for the best TV. Prime-time speeches are delivered by a parade of party celebrities and last for only a few minutes — typically just enough time to bash gas prices (nonsensically) and get in a few digs at the opposition. The highlight of the Republican National Convention’s broadcast out of Milwaukee on Monday night was, in fact, entirely wordless: former President Donald Trump’s walk across the floor with a conspicuous white bandage over his ear.

The only words that really mattered on Monday were reviewed and approved behind closed doors. “It’s a different kind of platform,” Tennessee Senator and Chair of the Committee on the Platform Marsha Blackburn said by way of introduction during her speech yesterday evening. Reviewing how the 2024 Republican Party Platform’s energy sections compare to the ones in 2016 (the GOP did not write a new platform for its convention in 2020), it’s clear how true that actually is.

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AM Briefing: J.D. Vance’s Climate Stance

On Trump’s VP pick, Alaskan oil, and the pull of the moon

What to Know About Vance’s Climate Stance

Current conditions: A year’s worth of rain fell in one day in China’s Henan province • A tornado reportedly touched down outside Chicago’s O’Hare Airport • The heat index could reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit today in Washington, D.C.


1. Trump announces J.D. Vance as VP pick

Donald Trump has tapped Hillbilly Elegy author and Ohio junior senator J.D. Vance as his 2024 running mate. In recent years Vance has become a vocal climate change skeptic, casting doubt on the role of carbon emissions in warming the planet. As Heatmap’s Jeva Lange and Matthew Zeitlin write, he is a champion of the fossil fuel industry, especially in his home state of Ohio, where his 2022 Senate campaign received generous backing from the oil and gas industry. He is also a prominent critic of the use of environmental, governance, and social standards in investing, otherwise known as ESG, which he has called “a racket to destroy what we still have so that a few people on Wall Street can make some money.”

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