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Robinson Meyer and Jigar Shah.

How Jigar Shah Thinks About Risk

Inside episode 13 of Shift Key.

Electric Vehicles

AM Briefing: Tesla’s Big Test

On low expectations, global EV demand, and heat domes


Climeworks Is Becoming a Carbon Trader

One of the biggest names in direct air capture is now selling other companies’ credits.

A Quilt heat pump.

Sexier Heat Pumps Are Hitting the Market

The first Quilt units will be available to San Franciscans in just a few weeks.

Carbon removal.

Carbon Removal’s $100 Billion Conundrum

That’s how much the U.S. should be spending per year by 2050 to achieve net zero, according to a new Rhodium Group report.


A Skeptic’s Take on AI and Energy Growth

Inside episode 10 of Shift Key.

Power lines.
<p>Heatmap Illustration/Getty Images</p>

Will the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence break the climate system? In recent months, utilities and tech companies have argued that soaring use of AI will overwhelm electricity markets. Is that true — or is it a sales pitch meant to build more gas plants? And how much electricity do data centers and AI use today?

In this week’s episode, Rob and Jesse talk to Jonathan Koomey, an independent researcher, lecturer, and entrepreneur who studies the energy impacts of the internet and information technology. We discuss why AI may not break the electricity system and the long history of anxiety over computing’s energy use. Shift Key is hosted by Robinson Meyer, executive editor of Heatmap, and Jesse Jenkins, a Princeton professor of energy systems engineering.

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AM Briefing: An LNG U-Turn?

On Ukraine aid, a solar geoengineering test, and California snowpack

Will Biden Make an LNG U-Turn?
Heatmap Illustration/Getty Images

Current conditions: India is expecting unusually high temperatures from now through June • A late-season blizzard warning is in place for parts of Michigan • A drought disaster has been declared in Zimbabwe.


1. Tesla’s disappointing quarter rattles investors

Global EV market leaders Tesla and BYD turned in dismal sales for the first three months of the year, sending investors into a panic and prompting speculation about what it all means. Here are a few noteworthy reactions from analysts and insiders:

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