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Heatmap News Named Hottest in Sustainability on Adweek’s 2024 Media Hot List

Heatmap News Named Hottest in Sustainability on Adweek’s 2024 Media Hot List

New York, NY: Climate news website Heatmap News was named Hottest in Sustainability on Adweek’s 2024 Media Hot List, released today. Adweek’s Hot List honors the best in media across TV, media, digital, and tech. Writing about Heatmap, Adweek wrote: “Less than a year later, it’s become a critical part of the climate news landscape – boasting 2.5 million unique online readers, around half a million monthly readers and over 50,000 newsletter subscribers.”

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Nico Lauricella said: "On behalf of Heatmap, we are grateful to Adweek for this incredible recognition. Over the past year, Heatmap has carved out a unique and important place in the media landscape with insightful, evidence-based reporting on climate change and decarbonization. I am proud of our team for their hard work and diligence in making Heatmap a trusted resource for so many readers and we’re excited for what’s in store this year.”

Since Heatmap’s founding in early 2023, it has become the go-to source for an influential audience of readers who care about climate, energy and sustainability. Heatmap’s journalists have broken major stories, taken down popular media narratives on climate change and decarbonization, authored explainers on key climate and energy transition issues, and developed practical guides on how to navigate our changing planet. In addition to its reporting, Heatmap has fielded, analyzed, and reported on two national surveys (The Heatmap Climate Poll), and recently launched its first podcast, Shift Key, hosted by Executive Editor Robinson Meyer and regular contributor and Princeton Professor Jesse Jenkins.

Heatmap has 500,000 monthly readers and is regularly cited by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, NPR, MSNBC, Politico, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Fortune, The Verge, Slate, and Semafor. Heatmap journalists are frequently interviewed on radio and TV, including All In With Chris Hayes, The Ezra Klein Show, 1A, The Brian Lehrer Show, All Things Considered, and more, to discuss their reporting. And Heatmap’s advertisers and sponsors have included some of the most notable brands in climate, clean energy, and sustainability.

About Heatmap News: Heatmap News is climate news for the real world. We tell the inside story of the race to fix the planet, with deep reporting on emerging decarbonization trends, like electric vehicles, clean hydrogen, and carbon capture, in addition to climate change and its impact on our economy, politics, and society.

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