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9 Dramatic Photos of Tropical Storm Hilary in California​

The storm left a record amount of summer rain and a host of images rarely seen in the region.

Tropical Storm Hilary has dumped a record amount of summer rain on Los Angeles and San Diego, but, as of mid-day on Monday, those Southern Californian cities seem have avoided the worst case scenarios of the storm. Still, in its wake, the deluge left roads flooded, drivers stranded, and a host of images rarely seen in that part of the country.

A woman looking at the sea.A person and dog stand near the Pacific Ocean as Tropical Storm Hilary approaches Imperial Beach, California.Mario Tama/Getty Images

People on the beach.People walk along Imperial Beach as Hilary approaches.Mario Tama/Getty Images

Cars on a flooded street.Vehicles drive along a flooded street as Hilary approaches Palm Springs, California.Mario Tama/Getty Images

Stranded motorists.Stranded motorists attempt to push their car out of floodwaters on the Golden State Freeway in Sun Valley, California.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A tow truck driver attempting to pull a stranded car out of floodwaters.A tow truck driver attempts to pull a stranded car out of floodwaters on the Golden State Freeway in Sun Valley.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Workers attempting to unclog a drain.Workers attempt to unclog a drain on a flooded street in Rancho Mirage, California.Mario Tama/Getty Images

A partially submerged car.A partially submerged car in Cathedral City, California.Mario Tama/Getty Images

Road damage.Road damage near In-Koh-Pah, California.Caltrans San Diego/X

Dodger Stadium.Flooding around Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.Los Angeles Dodgers Aerial Photography/X

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Jacob Lambert

Jacob is Heatmap's founding multimedia editor. Before joining Heatmap, he was The Week's digital art director and an associate editor at MAD magazine. Read More

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